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he's got a magic stick in his candy shop - Nothings gonna change my world...

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February 16th, 2005

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10:11 pm - he's got a magic stick in his candy shop
Dear Chicago,
Please warm up soon.

i've learned to crochet, how cliche. alright, that should be a song lyric. I'm so sad...while taking a break in a michigan, 50 Cent visited the office on Friday and I missed it. I really wanted to add a picture of him and I next to the one of me and Slim Thug. I look like such a joke standing next to big black rappers. I sent resumes out. That was productive. will anything come of that? who knows. I'm just waiting for my time and moment. I can't go see Keane tomorrow night. So I'm roadtripping with Marita to Milwaukee on Sunday to help her out at the Zutton/Redwall/Keane show. I've never been to Wisconsin, so this is pretty exciting to me. I hear they have really good cheese up there, and being the rat that I am, you know how much I love cheese. This journal once full of honest thoughts has become one full of aimless actions. sorry, this is the way it will stay, at least until my heart is broken.

p.s. mike, visit me always

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