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January 18th, 2005

09:21 pm
this week is pretty much pointless. I don't have class. I don't have a single final. I've just been taking my merry time finalizing a business plan that I have been working on since the beginning of this semester. Tomorrow I will slip all 40 pages of that piece into my teacher's mailbox. maybe do some packing. eh who knows. I want to get on the train already and start reading my f'in book. I've been dying to read about fictional characters' lives cause i'm a little exhausted with mine for the time being. I'm going to go blonder with the hair (if that is possible), because my eyebrows want me to. I was leaning toward a darker shade, but I don't think I can pull that off. and I need to buy new makeup because I hate what I have to work with. I bought a secret today. It should arrive at my house February first. It's red and shiny.

"You see her, but you can't touch her. You hear her, but you can't hold her. You want her, but you can't have her...she's not so special boy."

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January 17th, 2005

11:00 pm
I have to post this.
From this weekend's Michael Jackson Dance Party...it topped off my night after some 17 year old BIOTCH tried to instigate shit with me. I think drinking Watermelon JollyRancher Drinks brings out my best dance moves!

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January 13th, 2005

09:09 pm
I'm done with my semester today woo hoo! One more to f'in go. I'll be gracing Kalamazoo tomorrow and visiting through Sunday. Hope to see many familiar faces. Haven't updated in a while. Christmas and the whole Las Vegas thing were fun times. No, I did not win any money....I think I may have pretty sucky luck when it comes to gambling. boo hoo to losing money.

Tonight I went and supported Shoplifter.....The sweetest band ever! I've been managing/working with Shoplifter and Conrad who is in my talent management class as a project....even though the semester is over I'm going to continue working with the band. I merched for them and sold a few CDs. Conrad thanked me while on stage and said I was part of their "management team" which I thought was very cool of them and pretty neat.

Check them out at www.shoplifter.cjb.net AND www.myspace.com/shopliftermusic

I'm going home next week for the 3 week semester break. Time to start hustling the resumes out!

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December 15th, 2004

11:18 pm
While majority of people are worrying about finals and what not...I continue to rotate around in my own little world. I will not do one bit of homework during Christmas break, because it is my break god damn it and I'm going to treat it like a break...except for working at CJ's...that is not really considered part of my break; that is just "I need money for Christmas and Las Vegas."

Speaking of Las Vegas...I've been brushing up on my black jack skills. But I will probably be too intimidated to try them out at a table unless it's just the dealer and me at a $5 table. I'll stick mostly to the slots and after a few drinks attempt to be ballsy at the black jack tables. Did I mention the day I fly home is going to be the worse day of my life.

January Third: Fly Las Vegas to Detroit- 12:30 AM-7:30 AM
Train Ann Arbor to Chicago - 12PM-4PM
Class before final presentations- 6PM-9PM
This has been like my favorite thing to bitch about for the past week because I just found out that we're flying home the day classes start back up. So I will complain about it because I want to, and I will also be the meaniest, nastiest, hungover biotch to everyone I know that day and it will be fun.

Goose Island Winter Brew doesn't sit well on a stomach full of shrimp/sundried tomatoes/crouton thingys. But it was a festive Christmas party.

I'll be home Friday.

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December 6th, 2004

10:28 pm
Here are the highlights from the cocktail (turned drunkfest) radio station party. I'm not going to say anything but this: Lots of liquor and groupie loveCollapse )
Pictures will do enough justice.

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December 4th, 2004

10:06 pm
I purchased a red velvet skirt and a red flower to wear in my hair. Red is hot. I have nothing productive to write. I'm sorry. I want to walk around and look at christmas lights, but I will not dare go downtown tonight. Too many people this time of year, I feel suffocated. Yet for some reason, if someone were to go down there with me, I would feel much more at ease. We could create our own little world. I remember when I used to kiss a lot of boys. That was funny. I kiss only one boy now. That's how I like it. I think I'll drink a glass of wine now.

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December 3rd, 2004

12:23 pm
I now need to buy proper cocktail attire to go to a KISS FM party at the Hard Rock Hotel for Gavin DeGraw....Thank you Erika, I love you. Seriously.

Now I must go shopping. Cause I have no "cocktail" clothes.

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November 21st, 2004

06:35 pm
I guess I can add Jennifer Aniston to list of celebrities I've seen here in Chicago.

I was dropping off Mike at Union Station and they were filming parts for the movie 'Derailed' staring Jennifer Aniston. Mike and I watched a little bit of the filming but it wasn't a very exciting scene. But it's always cool to see how much work goes into making a film and how many people are involved.

Amtrak is chaotic and I hate it more and more everytime I have to go to the train station.

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November 16th, 2004

10:16 pm
Tonight I attended my second dinner with Universal. This was much more casual at the office with beer, sandwiches, and presentations for the Tower Records people. Good times...the supposedly up-and-coming "Slim Thug" was there with his entourage and 8 carat earings (and teeth for that matter) very bling-bling. I don't think I would like having diamonds on my teeth, what if one fell out while you were chewing food? I came up to about his ribs in height and got my picture with him cause I found it kind of humorous. I'll post the sure to be ghetto-fabulous picture soon. ooooo and I got lots of comments on my l.a.m.b. bag which made me oh so happy.

I never really mentioned anything about the last dinner, but it was at a very nice latin restaurant with $34 entrees and lots of alcohol. The VP of marketing was in town from LA, our home office, and decided to treat us.

I definitely like the feeling of the chicago office. All the people are welcoming and great, I get to do a lot more on the creative end, and I feel a bit more in place here too. But my heart will always go out to California.

Last weekend turned out to be a good one, like anticipated. It went by way too fast...it felt like as soon as the family got here they had to turn around and leave. Mike is coming to visit me on Thursday, and then I am going home on Tuesday for Thanksgiving break. We don't really have a break, but I made my own and it starts on Tuesday and ends the following Monday.

I've been working on my class schedule for next semester. My very last semester, and I feel so good about it. I just have this really good feeling that things are going to work out.

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November 10th, 2004

10:34 pm
I am now the extremely proud owner of:

I probably shouldn't have bought it cause I can't afford luxury items right now (my mind kept screaming: I WANT, I WANT!) But like my good friend Jackie Finn and I used to say, fuck it "YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE"

who cares if I drop a bunch of cash on a bag. i decided this week is 'spend a lot of money' week, it has to be after the pain i felt while paying my cell phone bill.

I'll be cocky and say one day i'll make enough money to splurge on myself and others, and then it will all balance itself out. I can't wait to be able to treat people and buy presents for them. I'm a giver and i don't mind getting either.
Current Music: G Love

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