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this week is pretty much pointless. I don't have class. I don't… - Nothings gonna change my world...

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January 18th, 2005

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09:21 pm
this week is pretty much pointless. I don't have class. I don't have a single final. I've just been taking my merry time finalizing a business plan that I have been working on since the beginning of this semester. Tomorrow I will slip all 40 pages of that piece into my teacher's mailbox. maybe do some packing. eh who knows. I want to get on the train already and start reading my f'in book. I've been dying to read about fictional characters' lives cause i'm a little exhausted with mine for the time being. I'm going to go blonder with the hair (if that is possible), because my eyebrows want me to. I was leaning toward a darker shade, but I don't think I can pull that off. and I need to buy new makeup because I hate what I have to work with. I bought a secret today. It should arrive at my house February first. It's red and shiny.

"You see her, but you can't touch her. You hear her, but you can't hold her. You want her, but you can't have her...she's not so special boy."

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Date:January 19th, 2005 04:32 am (UTC)

it's a heart filled with candy chocolates for valentines day

nice quote.

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